4 Months - 50 Swims

… and the 10 lessons it taught me

Along with a wardrobe overflowing with items that I had no use for even a year ago, I gained some insight from the process of completing 50 swims in the Bay in exactly 4 months.

The 10 Lessons:

1. Our bodies are capable of a lot more than we think.

5.  The ability to handle the discomfort of cold water spills into other parts of life.

3.  Seals are cute from shore, not when you are in the water with them.

2.  The initial shock when entering cold water doesn’t get any easier with repetition.

4. When invited for ‘a quick swim’ by a veteran swimmer, ask questions first.

3. It is possible to become addicted to something torturous.

6. Doughnuts, cookies, and chocolate are the universal tools to fix any discomfort.

8. Do not let yourself be photographed right after a swim; those photos will haunt you.

9. Seagulls and Cormorants will give you condescending looks when you pass them by in the water; they look down at you even at eye level.

10. No matter how insane of an idea you want to pursue in life, you will always find others willing to join you.

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